Fonts & Design Options

Fonts and Design Stamps

As you navigate our site and begin to add products to your shopping basket, you will be asked to choose 'options' including things like which font you would like your item stamped with.

These are the fonts that we currently have available. We hope this helps you make your selection. Please read underneath the photograph for further information.

font collage


  • Aras (2mm) Uppercase and lowercase
  • Murray Hill (2.75 & 3mm) Uppercase and lowercase
  • Jewellery Maker (2.5/3mm) Uppercase, lowercase and numbers
  • Kids Print (3mm) Uppercase and lowercase
  • Karma (3mm) Uppercase with 4 letters only available in lowercase and numbers
  • Sweetheart (3mm) Uppercase, lowercase and numbers
  • Jenna Sue (3mm) Uppercase, lowercase and numbers. May be removed as an option from some designs as some of the letters are quite big
  • Typewriter (3mm) Uppercase, lowercase and numbers
  • Lollipop (4mm) Uppercase and numbers. May be removed as an option from some designs as it is a large font

If we do not have matching numbers for the font you would like, we will simply use other number sets that we have that best compliment the font you have chosen. Unfortunately, the manufactures do not make number sets for all fonts.

Please note that Aras is a very small font and we would suggest that you only select this if you would like to exceed the recommended number of characters on a design. We would also recommend that you contact us first to discuss.


Design Stamps

Design stamps allow you to add pictures to your design. We have such a large amount of design stamps that we are unable to show pictures of every one, however you may view them in an album compiled on our Facebook page by clicking here

Our selection include; hand prints, foot prints, baby feet, angel, angel wings, butterfly, butterfly wings, owl, chick, family tree, leaf, football, rugby ball, stick figure family including mom, dad, grandad, grandma, baby, girl, boy, cat and dog, hearts, stars, triple stars, moon, a tick, smiley face, flower, daisy, four leaf clover, anchor, rocket, snowflake, christmas tree, awareness ribbon, book, dandelion and fluff, mason jar, three flowers on stems, penguin, rose, medical alert, monkey, apple, robot, poppy, pea pod, vine leaves, infinity symbol, combat boot prints left and right, and our range is expanding constantly.

Again, it is impossible for us to list every design possibility as the options are endless, therefore, if you would like a design stamp adding to your piece and there is insufficient room to tell us when ordering, please contact us using the 'Contact us' page or email us at [email protected], alternatively you may visit us on Facebook

Happy Designing!

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